About Us

Hi there and welcome to my site! My name is Guy Thomas, a Southern Californian tech-geek turned food blogger. After college, I ran a semi-successful start-up in Silicon Valley which was bought out by an internet behemoth. With my handsome paycheck, I took some time off from work (at the ripe age of 27) and traveled the world with a few buddies. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of money, so family vacations consisted of piling into the station wagon and driving to a campsite along the coast. So, finally getting to see all the exotic places I’d always thought would be cool to check out was awesome. My trek around the globe took me to every continent except for Antarctica. Highlights included Mumbai, Reykjavik, Argentina, Italy, and more. While every place I visited was different, they all had one thing in common – incredible food.

About halfway through my trip, I started taking pictures of my favorite foods, and blogging about them. Thus, began my passion for food blogging. Today, my home base is in sunny San Diego, CA. From here, I travel across the U.S. and around the world in search of new restaurants and food. During my time at home, I love experimenting with new recipes in my own kitchen and checking out local eateries in the San Diego area. I hope you enjoy perusing the blog!